Z.E.P.AN.® is a process to treat metals, it is certified by NSF 51, studied (with copyright mark) by Anelotti Oreste srl company together with Galvanofinish srl labs. This process allows to erase Nickel, Lead and Chromium from internal surface of components promoting compliance with European, American and Australian Regulation.

Surface treated with Z.E.P.AN ® can be soldered.

Z.E.P.AN.® process can solve all the problems related to leaching of heavy metals like Iron, Copper, and components from brass plated which may be in contact with food and drinking water with a deposit without Nickel, Lead and Chromium.

Z.E.P.AN.® is used instead of nickel and chromium plating maintaining a shine and bright deposit, resistant against corrosion, and avoiding leaching of metals in food and drinking water.

Z.E.P.AN.® process has been developed to respect restrictive regulation adopted from west countries for consumer protection from pollution from heavy metals like Lead, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Mercury and Selenium considered carcinogenic and toxic.

With Z.E.P.AN.®, is completely erased the risk of pollution of drinking water and food respecting the main regulation.

The main property of Z.E.P.AN.® is the innovative deposit made of non-toxic metals which do not cause any pollution of drinking water distributed to users. All parts plated with Z.E.P.AN.®, process submitted to leaching test have always given results largely lower than requested limits.