Galvanizing is the process by which a zinc coating is applied to a metal piece to protect it from corrosion. It takes place through immersion of the piece in an electrolytic solution containing zinc salts. The passage of an electrical current between the piece and the solution causes the metal zinc to deposit on the surface of the piece.
The use is suitable for all types of materials. The color depends on the type of passivation used according to the customer’s need.
We carry out the galvanizing process with yellow, white, black and iridescent passivation, either with static or barrel processing depending on the shape of the pieces and the customer’s request.
Resistance to corrosion can be significantly increased by adding a sealant to the galvanizing treatment (transparent film similar to a paint).
To maintain it over time, the treated pieces must be stored in a dry place protected from atmospheric agents.
The galvanizing treatments comply with the UNI ISO 2081 standard.